Kigore Dingleberry Sprout has started a blog, finally acknowledging that this is the 21st century and he’d  better get his arse in gear.  He has even created what he laughingly calls a Profile which can be read .

Actually, KDS did have another blog, but that wasn’t quite the ticket so he deleted it and has started afresh: probably explaining the current lack of content on these pages.

As part of this creative process KDS is not only getting to grips with blog creation but also is attempting to use Windows LiveWriter alongside WordPress to create posts and pages.  There are few limits to this man’s ambition.  It is a Beta version but some of you may be interested in trying it out and it can be found here: Windows LiveWriter 2011.

To be brutally honest it keeps flaking out but then, so does KDS.

As to what this blog will contain is as of this moment anyone’s guess; how often it gets updated will also probably be pretty random, and chronologically it could all go bottoms up – makes for a more interesting experience tho’, not least for the author himself.

Currently this blogeroonie is very much ‘Under Construction‘ and may disappear up it’s own infundibulum as much as rise to iconic status.

Neither of the above states being likely, the odds are that it will bimble along in its’ own sweet way until death, as it were, does it part.

I can be contacted of course – look.

Of course, you want to know me, deep-down and personal.



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